Do properties sell without commission nowadays?

Putting a property on the market is difficult nowadays with the increase in competition. Property agents charges a bucket of commission but selling your property privately  can be a tedious task to do.

Now the question arises – is it possible to sell properties without commission? The process is far from easy but eliminating a realtor can save your hard-earned money. There is also an issue of trust on these real estate agents. They may trick you for their own benefits. Real estate agents are accustomed to be aware of tons of knowledge that home buyers could not get on their own.

These days property listings, images, school ratings, historic sales costs and neighborhood crime rates are available to anyone in majority of the real estate website. For a few assertive buyers, that is a request to bypass an agent and, within the method, cut out the vexatious five-six percent commission. Hence the price would be less which may attract more buyers and your property can be sold easily. 

Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while selling your property without a realtor:

  • Invest a lot of time.
  • Showcasing your property to the visitors.
  • Focusing on marketing to negotiating the final price.
  • Taking care of legal and financial paperwork.

Since there are a high amount of chances that the owner might not be aware of how to get started, so the following will give you an idea to start with the preparations of selling your property.

Set a realistic price 

For you, your property might be the most beautiful one but do not set an unrealistic price. Check your comparable homes in the neighborhood for figuring out the worth of your property. You can also hire an appraiser who would tell you the estimated worth of your property. Instead, another option is to plug in for the amount you have purchased the property for and the year you have purchased in.


Gone are the days when just sticking a sign board would do your job. In a world of social networking, social media sites is a major area for advertising your property. To reach out to the larger public, local newspapers and radios can prove to be an exemplary way of advertising. They might sound a bit old but these conventional ways still hold a large amount of power for attracting customers. These everyday broadcasters can help you to reach every corner of plausible buyers. 

Do repairs

The first impression is very important. So, a recent coat of paint can add worth to the property. Minor upkeeps like fixing broken windows, leaky taps, chipped-off plaster and cracked stairs will create a positive impression. Keep your house as tidy and spacious as possible. Hire a professional to do these fixes as required. 


This job can prove to be quite risky so the paperwork is most important. Focus on financial and legal paperwork. All paperwork associated with commercialism and redeeming of the property ought to be kept handy. This will make sure that the deal closes quicker. Except for the sale documents, you must keep proof of previous purchases, capital levy receipts and major installations within the house. Each party should conjointly agree on the payment ways.

Some people might not have much time or the willingness to perform these jobs, so for them hitting an agent would be the best option. 

These jobs seem tiresome but if you have the will to do them, you can successfully sell your property at a good price without commission or through low commission real estate agents. Consider the great savings that you are making by not hiring an agent. So take out your pen and paper, and get started with your to-do list.