How to overcome the challenges of working remotely as an intern

Many businesses hire interns for low-level jobs. This allows the company to find out what skills the intern has, while giving them some experience for their resume. The pay is often non-existent or very low, so it’s a low risk for the business to hire interns. The good news is that if you perform well as an intern, you’re much more likely to get a job at the business. 

In addition, as there is a rise with flexible work, students are now finding work in remote internships

This is a gig that allows the intern to work from a location outside the office. The interns can set their own working hours, and they can even fit their intern work into their schedule of other classes and activities. 

Overcoming common challenges of remote work

how to nail a remote internship

Too many things on at once

You will need to let your colleagues and managers know when you are planning to do your work. Ensure that you set a schedule for the intern hours so that it works around your other commitments. Communicate that with your team and make sure that you stick to schedule. If you are doing an international internship, it’s extremely important to have good communication, as you might have to speak your second language.

Getting distracted

It is so easy to get distracted when you are working remotely. Don’t work from your couch or bed. Make sure you set up a designated area for you to work, which is far away from any distractions like the TV and your mobile phone. Turn Facebook notifications off, so you won’t be distracted by incoming messages and notifications.

Be professional 

You may be tempted to work in your pyjamas when you are working from home. But did you know you are more productive if you are getting dressed and going to your designated working area? You don’t want to be stuck in your lounge-wear. For example, you might suddenly get a request for an unexpected video conference! 

Feeling as though you are interrupting the boss?

Of course, you are trying to make a good impression on both the colleagues and the boss. You may feel like not contacting them when you need to, in fear of interrupting or annoying them. Talk to the team about when they prefer to be contacted and via which means. Email works well so they can reply in their own time when it is convenient for them.

Everything seems overwhelming?

Try using a task list. Start by writing down what you need to accomplish before you start working for the day. As you get things done, refer back to the list to see what is next. You will feel you are accomplishing more once you can start to see things being crossed off the list. If you are still feeling anxious you should never be afraid to seek professional help.

Are you finding something confusing?

If you find yourself looking over your tasks for a long time but you are unsure what to do next – ask for help. If you are confused about something, talk to your boss or team and explain that you tried to look for the answer yourself but need further help. Asking questions is an important proactive thing to do in the workplace.

Are you losing your motivation?

Consider changing your scenery. You can go crazy sitting in the same room all day. If you work with a computer and some papers, pack them up and head to the coffee shop, park, or even outside in your garden.