Making Yourself The Best Candidate for a Job!

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a freelance artist to paint for you, an expert in wire work and a designer of wire furniture or looking for a head chef to be more permanent in your brand new restaurant there is no secret that each and every employer will face different problems when it comes to hiring. These problems can end up being thoughts of both expensive and very messy mistakes. We tend to forget that that the employer themselves are often worried and nervous just like you are! You are both having the same feelings, the only difference is that they are making a huge decision that can have a large effect on someone’s everyday life. The employees are right in the middle of making organisational and financial commitments with just a pile of information, so, going in with an understanding of this will make you seem much more approachable and genuine.

Employers will try to get as much information as they can beforehand. This means they like to get an understanding of how the candidates fit with the current team and what they can offer the business. As you are the job candidate you can use this in your favour. You can help to reduce the interviewer’s anxiety and aid in creating a certainty for the employer that you are the one for the position by asserting yourself as a person with confidence and composure.

Know the angle that you are going with before you even get to the interview

If you are from a different place but still within the same industry, then ensure you bring in the bigger perspective on the opportunities and challenges, in-demand skills and the updates in the changing technology. Say for example you are applying for a job as a full-time nanny or a candidate for in home child care, you will be better of speaking of your experience primarily in working with children, whilst openly advertising that you have a working with childrens check.

Check the boxes

To get inside the door you need to make sure you have all the technical competence. You need to show that you meet their initial requirements set for the position, sometimes known as the key selection criteria. This needs to be done before you even get a chance to get to the interview stage. Ensure your resume clearly shows your job skills that are requested of you and how much experience you have with operating these skills.

Offer just 2 added skills

Your basic level skills are good but the additional skills you add may have been the ones to get you to the interview stage as they have clearly stood out. Focusing on the additional skills and add how they can enhance the requirements needed for the job, this shows that you are looking to further the skills you may already have. Having cultural competence and being able to build diverse teams are encouraging to employers to ensure you add those to your CV and mention how you would go about incorporating the skills into the job you are applying for.

Have enthusiasm

Let your excitement about the job possibilities show during the interview and as you meet new people in the business. Don’t let the interviewers wonder whether you are even interested in the job itself or just after another paycheck. Go in with a clearly optimistic attitude and regardless of the result, thank them for their time and ALWAYS show your manners. Manners can go a long way in proving that you may be the best cultural fit for this new position and the work place it belongs too.

Being able to set yourself aside from the others can make you the only candidate for the job

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This solves two problems at the same time. This will make the hiring process easier and you will most likely get an offer for this new dream position that you desire. You have shown that you meet their requirements, can offer additional skills and you have a unique perspective that comes with energy and enthusiasm. This can increase your chances of being selected for the job position. You need to increase your chances of standing out as much as you can in more unique ways than the other candidates. Most importantly be yourself and don’t try and be someone you aren’t just to stand out and get the job as it will come out in the end which can result in a bad reputation and even a loss of your job.

Go in with confidence, shake their hand and put yourself out there. There is many important steps in preparing yourself for a job interview, none of them will mean anything unless you truly believe you are the best candidate for the open position.