Passion – The Secret Sauce Of A Great Leader

Passion Is Contagious

To lead is for others to follow you. Passion is the secret ingredient to unveil what compels others to change- the WHY, if you will.

Passion creates another. A tribe is a group of individuals attached to a pioneer connected to one another, and attached to an idea. A leader’s passion is what helps a business to grow and flourish.

When you burn brightly, flying embers can ignite the fire in the bellies of your group. Sounds colourfully cheesy, but is absolutely true. Here are a few ways to ignite your passion and pave the path forward:

1. Set high goals

Set the bar high. Not unattainably high, but out of reach. If everything is done exactly the same, nothing changes. The only way anybody can achieve more is if they become more.

Take a look at what you and your team have managed to achieve over the past 6 months, create a prediction for what will happen in the next 6 months. Use that as a sign to see whether you are performing as expected, underperforming, or overachieving.
If you are underperforming, lay it out as it is so you and your staff know where improvements need to be made. If you are performing as expected or overachieving, that’s a big sign that the goal post can be pushed further.

Your enthusiasm for being better and bigger than the best can and will infiltrate your team’s minds, attitudes and behaviours. They will, in time, become what you will.

2. Measure and Report

Setting the objective is 1 thing but ensuring milestones and benchmarks are reported and quantified to help your staff to find out how far they’ve come is another. Knowing where you are on a map can keep you eager to travel onwards to your destination; understanding how many miles are behind you drives you forward. Exactly like on a road trip.

Push your staff with diligent measuring against targets and vigour, produce visuals, and broadcast these accomplishments so everybody knows they are sailing the ship too.

3. Recognize and Acknowledge

Keep people enthusiastic with feedback. As stated, people like to know where they are to the end goal, and they care about how their activities promote the cause. Let them know!

If a person had a hand in encouraging a colleague, then tell them towards accomplishing the objective, how the trajectory has accelerated. Let them hear that you noticed their devotion if a person has had their head all week.

So once you reach out to stoke the flames, using a warm and kind approach is best, passion and compassion go hand-in-hand.