Should You Complete An Unpaid Internship?

Are you a student considering being enrolled as an unpaid intern? Or you are already enrolled in one and is considering whether to complete it or not. There are certain pros and cons you must consider before taking such a step. The process may be rewarding or downright waste of time and energy. It all depends on whether you make a careful analysis of your circumstances before undergoing such a process. In this article, we will take you through factors you must seriously consider before enrolling or thinking of completing an unpaid internship position.

Government regulation goes that if an intern is used to substitute a regular worker or is needed to fill a particular role by the company, then the intern is owed a payment of an industry-standard minimum wage or higher. But if the person is not performing the minimum of work but is in the internship position for other reasons, then such a person is an unpaid intern.

Factors to consider before completing an unpaid internship position

contemplating taking on unpaid internship

Does the job offer you the opportunity to gain further experience? Before completing an unpaid internship position, you should be sure that the position you are holding is related to your course of study in school. You may have had loads of practical and theoretical experience in school, but industry experience is invaluable and will provide a great boost to your resume by the time you graduate from school and is searching for a job. If you have no opportunity of engaging in a paid internship program in an industry that is related to your course of study, then completing an unpaid internship program is the only wise way to go.

Are you able to establish industry contacts from your position? This is another important question to answer before deciding on whether to complete an internship program. These contacts are invaluable in helping you to become a full-blown professional in your chosen field of study. If you have the right contacts, it will also be easier for you to get job leads and thus full employment after graduation.

Is there any hope for future employment with this company?

Some companies offering great internships are famous for always employing their interns. If there is a good chance that you can secure future employment with your present company, then it will be a great idea to complete your internship position. But if the hope of future employment is bleak and you are not getting enough skills for a promising career, then it will be better to terminate your internship with the company and seek for another elsewhere.

Are you developing important skills needed to be a future professional?

If your present company and position allow you the opportunity to develop important skills needed to be a great professional in the future, then it will be good if you complete your internship position.

Some of the basic skills you need to develop as an intern are as follows:

  • Ability to adhere to professional standards: in an industry setting, there are standards to be followed that are quite different from those you are familiar with at school. Some of these may involve policies, logistics, and scheduling.
  • Ability to perform in a team: every company values a team player. If your present internship position makes it possible for you to learn how to thrive in team works, then it might be a good idea to complete it.
  • Ability to build interpersonal human relations: for you to succeed in your future employment, you must be good at dealing with different characters. An individual that is good in human relations knows how to get the best out of other people without offending them. It will also help you to deal with difficult bosses that are hard to please.

If your present internship position serves you right, then you must look for ways to make it work. Linked is a place you can find help searching for the right unpaid internship for you. You can get a part-time job for yourself. You can also look for affordable accommodation near your work to save time and money. Holding an unpaid internship may be tiring, but it is especially rewarding if you consider the boundless opportunities that lie ahead if you successfully complete your unpaid internship position.