STOP Being Deceived by Fake Business Gurus.

“Hey! You’re about to discover my FREE 2 Hour Masterclass on the SECRETS of selling Real Estate so you can make a six-figure income from the comfort of your own home!

– Literally any Business Guru.

While genuine business advice can help you achieve breakthrough results, other business “advice” could cause you wads of money and sometimes, even your entire business!

The challenge for small business owners today, especially those searching online for free business information, is that it has never been easier for someone to make fake proof that they are an expert. It is extremely simple for the fake experts to manipulate business owners as they have a tendency to look for advice in areas of business where, by default, they typically don’t know a whole lot.

Because their marketing isn’t generating enough leads, the advertising expert, who attends networking events, is easy to spot. The success guru, who can’t afford a quality website is equally transparent. But, some fake experts are better concealed. You must dig a little deeper.

Here are 4 things to consider, when you check someone out:

Anyone can claim to be an established writer.
It’s effortless to sign a deal with a publishing company that will release any book. Check the publishing company of the guru’s books and do some research to see how reputable the company is.

– Everyone can claim to be a social media expert.
There are multitudes of free software out there that can quickly generate hundreds and thousands of followers with a simple click. This is relatively easy to spot as, if a guru has hundreds and thousands of followers on social media but hardly anybody is reacting to the posts- or the reactions are clearly repetitive; there’s a good chance this “guru” is trying to deceive you.

– ANYONE can claim to be the host of their own Podcast.
Similarly to books, anybody can host a radio show or podcast anywhere at no cost. Take a look at where they’re hosting their podcast/radio and how many people actively tune in on a regular basis.

– They sell you a dream, not a business.
Rarely do Guru’s ever offer anything sound and applicable. How many of you have listened to a Guru’s “2 hour free webinar”, only to find out it was a 2 hour funnel to upsell you on a thousand dollar course teaching you to make 6 figures in 6 months? If you’ve ever been in one, try to apply something the Guru taught the instant the webinar ends. Then wait a week and ask yourself this: “What can I remember from it?”. You’ll find that it’s extremely difficult to apply anything straight up as nothing taught is actually practical, and a week from now you would’ve forgotten everything.

The bottom line:
Free information can be extremely costly if you’re making business decisions based on misinformation. Most advice these Guru’s preach can be found online for free or in your local library. Unless you’re absolutely 100% sure that this Guru has something special to offer to upscale your business rather than just a charismatic personality, never buy into a Guru’s thousand dollar advice, lest you fuel their thousand dollar pipe dream.