“Trust Me” You Don’t Want To Get Better At Sales

Two identical twins are salespeople, one lives in a villa, the other is struggling to pay off a $100,000 debt.

What’s the difference between these twins?
It lies in a straightforward difference between”sales” and”closing.”

The one who lives in the villa is a closer.
The one struggling is a salesperson.

In traditional sales, it is taught that sales is a journey with the end destination being the close. A closer knows better.

A closer does not bother themselves with selling to a prospect, they know the end goal is the close and that is what they will go for. There is no point spending hours and hours selling a prospect on a new car, rambling about all the features and benefits; only to have them decline at the end because “the price wasn’t right” or “I need time to think about it”.

There is no place for a close to start or to stop, no end goal, final destination, or checkpoints- only 1 consistent objective: Close.

The number one priority for salespeople is creating rapport. The problem is that most sales people don’t really know how to do this- it comes off as scripted and unnatural. And once the rapport thas been built, the salesperson suddenly shifts gear as they believe they can move onto “the next stage”.

A closer looks at rapport building as a natural result of trust between themselves and the prospect. There is no concern about the feelings of the prospect when what needs to be said needs to be said. Trust is not built by withholding information that may hurt the prospect; sales are not made by playing a character.

If you walk into a shoe store for example, do you think to yourself “Gosh, I wish an annoying salesperson would come up to me and sell me on an overpriced shoe”?

Probably not.

A closer is aware of this and will not try to sell to you. They aim to close. It won’t be “Is there anything I can help you with today” but instead, “Wow, that shoe is tailored to your physique.”

Closers close. And their subliminal message is”Why not take this home with you today?” Along with is that someone isn’t going to enjoy them. And they may make some customers unhappy since they are competitive, but deals are nevertheless closed by them.